This site is designed to give you a preview into my research project on the connections between the history of midwifery and traditional Indigenous birthing practices in Canada during the Twentieth Century. My portfolio is divided into three sections based around the path to my final research paper. The first section, “My Why” is a brief summary about me and the journey that brought me to the study of gender and health in history. The next section, “Research” provides an overview of my research project divided into four sub categories based on my paper, Medicalizing Motherhood, Indigenous Birthing Traditions, Nursing on the Fringe, and Connecting Through Birth. I encourage you to read this section in order through the sub categories to get the full grasp of my research on this topic. In the last section, “Reflections” , I connect my personal journey in the study of history to my research in Reflections: My Life Story , and then analyze the Methods and Sources used in this project. Feel free to browse through the sections at your own discretion and I hope you enjoy this portfolio as much as I enjoyed the research.

Happy reading!